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Office Policies

  • Well Visit Policy

Please be aware that a well visit is conducted when your child is feeling well. It is a visit that is intended to prevent health problems.  A well visit includes: review of your child's medical history with updates as needed, screenings of overall health and development, preventative health counseling, and immunization review and administration.

If during your well visit it is uncovered that there are any illnesses or other problem-oriented issue that may require further evaluation or management (ex: ADD, depression, anxiety, ear infection, warts, pain, acne, etc.) you may be asked to reschedule your child's well visit. If the provider's schedule allows, we may be able to address these issues at the same time as the well visit however please be advised that in order to stay compliant with insurance billing policies you will be charged both a well visit and a problem-oriented (or sick) visit. This may incur a co-pay, deductible, or coinsurance depending on YOUR insurance plan. 

  • Divorce/Separation/Guardian other than Parent

At Viera Pediatrics, our goal is to partner with parents in order to promote optimal health in our patients. We appreciate that child(ren) with divorced or separated parents may present with unique challenges, and we require parents to work with us through those challenges. Please read below for our policy regarding Divorced/Separated Parents

  1. A copy of Domestic Separation Agreement, Parenting Plan , or Custody Order must be obtained for the child’s chart and updated yearly. Any expired documents will need to be updated before we are able to see child for non-emergent issues.

  2. The providers, medical assistants, nurses, office, and billing staff will not be put in the middle of domestic issues or disagreements over the phone or in the office.

  3. Please make decisions regarding appointments, vaccinations, and/or any office procedures prior to visiting our practice.

  4. Only in situations where there is a documented court order will one parent be denied access to the minor’s health record or visits at the office. Viera Pediatrics must have a copy of the court order on file in the minor’s electronic medical record.

  5. It is both parents’ responsibility to communicate with each other about the patient’s care, office visit dates, and any other pertinent information relevant to the patient. It is not the responsibility of Viera Pediatrics to communicate visit information to each custodial parent separately.

  6. Our providers will not call the other parent prior to an appointment to gain consent regarding appointments scheduled, nor will they take a call from the other parent following an appointment. We will not restrict either parent’s involvement in the patient’s care unless authorized by law; however, we also will not duplicate information delivery unless directed by law.

  7. We will send reminders of upcoming appointments by text and/or phone call. We can send this reminder to only the primary phone number listed on the patient’s account. The parent or guardian that completes and signs our new patient packet will be the chart guarantor and therefore receive these reminders.

  8. All copays, deductibles, coinsurances, and any other fees are due at the time of the visit and are the responsibility of the parent accompanying the patient to the appointment.  If there is an arrangement between the parents about split payment, it is the responsibility of the parent attending the appointment to collect from the other parent.


Should the issues that come between parents become disruptive to our practice or there is non-compliance with this policy, we reserve the right to discharge the family from our practice.

  • Termination Policy

We reserve the right to terminate the physician-patient relationship for the following:

              -Frequent no-shows, last minute or “retroactive” cancellations

              -Failure to continue vaccinating child with AAP Recommended Immunizations

              -Inappropriate behavior or language to staff or other patients

              -Falsifying insurance or health information

              -Repeated abuse of office policies

              -Past due accounts when the patient’s family does not make a good faith effort to make payment or                                  contact us for payment plan

              -Failure to stay up to date with routine physical/wellness visits

  • School Note Policy

We are unable to write school excuse notes for children that have not been seen in the office. At the time of your child's visit we are able to generate a school excuse note. If your child is still sick after the amount of days indicated on the excuse note, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to contact the office either by portal message or phone. The extension of excused days remains at the discretion of the provider.

When a child is sick, parents sometimes make decisions on their own not to send the child to school. They may bring the child in after several days of absence and then expect us to give them a note for all of the missed days. If a child is sick for more than two days, we expect the parent will call to have the child seen in our office.

If your child is missing a lot of school due to asthma, headaches, menstrual cramps, or other on-going issue(s), they need to see their primary care provider. We can assist with treatment in order for your child to attend school on a regular basis.

  • ADHD/ADD Follow up and Refill Policy

-Any child who is on ADHD/ADD medications are required to follow up with a provider in the office every month until optimal symptom management is achieved and then every three months thereafter. If they are having issues with medication it is the responsibility of the parent to bring the child in sooner.

-Most ADHD/ADD medications (ex. Ritalin, Focalin, Vyvanse, Adderall, Concerta, etc.) are controlled medications. Standing refills are not legal on controlled medications.

-For children who are on an every three month follow up regimen, it is the parents responsibility to contact the office at least one week before medication is needed. There is no such thing as an emergency refill on ADHD/ADD medications. If it has been more than three months since last visit child will be required to be seen in the office before a refill will be sent. 

Financial Policies

  • Timely Payment

Full payment, including co-payments, coinsurance, and deductibles are required at the time of service unless you have made advanced arrangements with the office. Viera Pediatrics accepts credit cards and cash.


The parent who brings the child in for treatment is expected to pay at time of service.

  • Billing Fees

There is a $20 charge for any payment returned unpaid or declined to us by the bank.


  • Missed Appointments/Late Cancellations

Any appointment that is missed/no showed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice may be subjected to a $25 fee.  Multiple missed appointments or late cancellations may result in discharge from the practice.

  • Automobile Accident Claims

Viera Pediatrics is not contracted with auto insurance providers and will not bill for auto accident claims. ​

  • Collections

We monitor patient statements sent for any outstanding balances. If no effort is made to pay the balance due, the bill may be subject to our collections process. In this case, the family may be discharged from the practice and the parents asked to seek medical care for their child/children elsewhere. If the account is assigned to a collection agency, all collection agency fees, legal fees, court costs, and attorney fees will be charged to the parent/guardian.

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