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5 Tips to Make 2019 the Best School Year Ever

School is back in session! This week marks the beginning of a new school year here in Brevard County. We know it only seems like yesterday that the annual whirlwind that is summer vacation began, but we assure you, summer is officially O-V-E-R.

For most parents, back-to-school kickoff can be one of the most stressful times of the year, right up there with holiday shopping and birthday season, but it doesn’t HAVE to be. At Viera Pediatrics, Dr. Preeti Bimbrahw and our staff believe preparation is the key to success. So, with that in mind, we thought we’d share some of our favorite tips for making this school year run more smoothly for kids and parents alike.

Create a family calendar

Being a parent in the modern age involves a lot of juggling – a full-time job in Melbourne, soccer practice in Rockledge, homework emergencies, PTA meetings, playdates, etc. But one thing they don’t teach you in Parenting 101 is how to manage all these things at once. We recommend creating a family calendar that tracks these activities and helps keep everyone’s recitals/tournaments/do-dates in one easily accessible place, so nothing falls through the cracks. Schedule weekly ‘check-ins’ with your kids so they feel encouraged and empowered to meet the goals of the week ahead.

Get in the habit of laying out clothes for school

Preparing for the day ahead is just as important as preparing for the coming school year. By helping children see the benefit of laying out their outfits for school, not only are you inspiring them to create their own personal style, but you’re also creating opportunities for them to make decisions on their own. Set a good example for your kids by doing this for yourself as well - parents can ALWAYS use an extra five minutes in the morning, can’t we?

Set boundaries with bedtimes

As parents, during summer, we tend to let bedtimes slide a little. During the school year, however, it is crucial for parents to set strict boundaries for bedtimes. Studies show that a full night’s sleep, roughly eight full hours of rest, ensures students have the right frame of mind to best succeed in class. Play around with different intervals to see which time works best for your family’s schedule.

Find ways to manage stress and anxiety throughout the year

School related anxiety is a REAL thing that our kids struggle with on a daily basis. It is our job as parents to create opportunities for our children to feel safe enough to share their feelings with us and work together to find solutions to eliminate anxiety as soon as we start to see signs of distress. Try rehearsing different scenarios to better equip your child with tools that’ll help them manage these situations more effectively.

Don’t forget to let kids be kids

The school year doesn’t have to be all work and no play. In fact, studies actually say that children of ALL ages – from pre-k to high school – benefit immensely from adding an hour of play time every day to their workload. Play time is crucial to development and allows children to use the creative side of their brain. It’s important to note that “play time” does not mean screen-time.

**Bonus Tip**

Set all your clocks back ten minutes from ‘real time’ and see how often you arrive to functions and meetings ahead of schedule. You’re welcome! :)

Have an amazing start to the school year, Space Coast students and parents. We can’t wait to hear all about it during your next visit with us here at Viera Pediatrics!

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